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Dans le Noir ? Make the best use of our senses

“As we try to make sense of the world, we’re probably not making the best use of our senses. What if the answer was right in front of us, inside of us? What if, without our eyesight, we could see a surprising world visible only through hearing, touch, taste and smell? We might realize that some of our senses are underused.”
This is how the restaurant Dans le Noir ? starts its presentation. What follows is a series of surprises: some get white and red wines confused, others mix up meat and fish! The experience is led by people who are blind or low-vision since it is also meant to change attitudes towards those with disabilities.

Dans le Noir ? is a real life lesson. It makes us realize how much our eyesight overshadows our other senses, and how important (and fascinating!) it is to get back in touch with these other senses to better understand the world we live in.

At Scentys, we focus on the sense of smell, and conduct our own blind tests.

Every week, the team smells a fragrance without knowing anything about it, and tries to identify its olfactory family, different facets and ingredients. The best students may even find the name!

It quickly becomes clear that the sense of smell improves with use: the more we smell, the more we memorize odors, and the better we get at identifying their composition. We also realize that the sense of smell is very personal. People experience odors differently depending on their life story. What a lesson in humility and creativity!

To end this story on a high note, the Dans le Noir ? shop recently started selling our Odyscent fragrance diffuser. In other words, you can work on your sense a smell any time of day!

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