Anosmie vivre sans odorat
Did you know?

Anosmia: Lives Without a Sense of Smell

Odors are part of our everyday life

The delicious scents of cotton candy or clean laundry, foul smells emanating from the Paris metro… Odors are part of our everyday life. This makes it hard to imagine living without a sense of smell. But that is the reality for those who suffer from anosmia, a little-known condition that deprives 5% of the population of any olfactory sensation.

People’s sense of smell plays a key role in social interactions. Its absence can have major psychological and physiological consequences.

Here are a few testimonies from people who suffer from this condition*:

“I feel cut off from the world around me. It’s as if I lived behind a glass wall.”

“Sometimes I feel like I am ‘normal’ and those who have a sense of smell have a sort of superpower.”

“I felt closed off from society. I could not smell my own skin, my own body. It was as if I no longer existed.”

*Excerpts from the exhibit Anosmia: Lives Without a Sense of Smell, for which Scentys is partnering with photojournalist Eléonore de Bonneval

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