Capsy - diffuseur pour voiture - for car

Capsy – a real fragrance for inside your car

You thought your home was the only place for room fragrances? Scentys’s Capsy diffuser proves otherwise. Specifically designed for the car, Capsy packs our patented dry diffusion technology so fragrance is diffused subtly, with no alcohol or solvents. Capsy makes every car trip a pleasure by creating a real sense of wellbeing in the vehicle to improve your comfort and driving experience.

This universal diffuser is suitable for use with any ventilation grille and therefore any vehicle.
It is safe to use and requires no contact with the skin. The fragrance cannot drip or cause stains.
Capsy is easy to use and quick to install.
Fragrance diffusion starts as soon as the cap is lifted.

With Capsy, Scentys is moving a bit further into the automotive world.
It is already a partner to Peugeot: the carmaker’s 3008 SUV launched late in 2016 was the first vehicle to incorporate the technology.

Seen by Auto Moto


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