Sommet du luxe - Animation holo-olfactive

Combining holograms and fragrance at the Centre du Luxe Summit

The 17th annual Centre du Luxe Summit was held in Paris on February 5, 2019. This event is the foremost think tank and “do tank” for the luxury and design industries.

Scentys teamed up with COMactive, a company specializing in holographic displays, to create a surprise-packed exhibit for those attending the Summit.


It all starts with a Scentys fragrance capsule. Visitors ask themselves: Who am I? What am I doing? As they draw closer, fragrances are released to accompany the scenes created for the event.

A breeze of musk and ambergris whisks us off to the seaside. Fruity and spicy aromas create a lounge atmosphere. An accord of woody and peaty notes suggests the flavor of cognac. The scents of cut grass and fig leaf put us in the mood for a round of golf in the springtime.


Treat yourself to the videos from the event!


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