Oscars Cosmetique Mag 2017

Scentys, partner to the Cosmétique Mag Oscars

On May 31, the Cosmétique Mag Oscars at the Pavillon Gabriel in Paris brought together the biggest names in beauty to recognize the most significant products, designs and ads and marketing efforts of 2016 and the early part of 2017.

Creative, inventive professionals

Beauty industry professionals set out to find new fragrances, unique formulations, enchanting containers or packaging and memorable ads and marketing that stimulated the senses and enhanced the consumer experience in choosing fragrances, makeup or beauty products. In their quest, they worked with partners that are as demanding and inventive as they are.

Since it was founded in 2004, Scentys has been working for and with the biggest names in the fine fragrance and cosmetics industries. It leverages its combination of technical expertise and passion for fragrance to add real value by introducing new rituals and olfactory approaches.

Custom fragrance diffusers

The diffusers in the regular Scentys range (Prysm, Capsy, etc.) and other custom solutions were designed to be adapted for product launches, pop-up events or permanent venues of all sizes created for a wide range of players including in the automotive and culture industries, restaurants and catering… or to be used to create a fragrant atmosphere around points of sale.

It was thus natural for Scentys to be a partner to this event, notably bringing fragrance to the different sections of Pavillon Gabriel, where the ceremony was held.

This 28th edition was yet another opportunity to showcase a booming sector that cares about the quality of what its brands and suppliers offer.

Cosmétique Mag

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