Hôtel Casadelmar

Hotel Casadelmar

Hotel Casadelmar is located on the way to Palombaggia, one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Corsica. It underwent a major revamp to celebrate its 15th anniversary.

Every effort was made to showcase the exceptional view of the bay. Architect Jean-François Bodin reimagined the layout and decoration. Visitors now look at the sea from the moment they set foot in the door.

The Corsican landscape is present inside the hotel: the air is filled with a fragrance developed by perfumer Marc-Antoine Corticchiato to reflect the Jean Mus Mediterranean garden outside.

Emanating from the fragrance, called Maquis Vert, are notes of bergamot, mastic and sweet pea, everlasting flower and neroli, cedar and saffron. An all-around olfactory delight.

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