Hôtel Centre nautique Bonifacio

Hotel Centre Nautique in Bonifacio

The waterfront Hotel Centre Nautique in Bonifacio is a true treasure.

Boasting a bar and five-star restaurant, the hotel spares no effort to make its clients feel welcome: luxury suites, gourmet meals, relaxing spa treatments…

And since recently, a delightful scent fills the air. The hotel chose several fragrances from the Scentys Collection to diffuse in the guest rooms.

For this hotel, the most emblematic is Rives à Tribord, a fragrance with marine and woody notes, calling to mind a boat that has been lovingly polished and kissed by the salty spray of the sea.

Each room has an Odyscent that diffuses made-for-Scentys fragrances and serves as a decorative object. Guests can choose the fragrance that suits their mood.

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