Alnoor - Designer d'Odyscent

Interview with Alnoor, the designer of Odyscent

Scentys brought in a top designer, Alnoor, to create its Odyscent diffuser. This lover of decorative art studied at the Paris School of Industrial Design. Having acquired a strong background in luxury goods and fragrances, Alnoor decided in 2003 to create an agency specializing in luxury and interior decorating.

What are your sources of inspiration in terms of design, materials and colors?
When I started designing this object, I immediately began working with forms inspired by interior decorating, notably movable objects like lamps, Chinese lanterns, etc.
My idea was to add a touch of luxury and craftsmanship by using materials like copper and leather, together with a ceramic look.
The colors reflect the naturalness of the materials (ceramic, copper and leather).

What do you see as Odyscent’s advantages?
Odyscent has an ultra-modern look but is nonetheless timeless enough to fit into any interior, contemporary or classic.
Ironically, it is very distinctive, but also neutral.
It is in keeping with my “emotional” design style, which taps into the collective unconscious and relies on forms and semantics that speak directly to users.

What do you see in its future?
All good things, of course…
What sets it apart in today’s market?
It is a real alternative to candles, and its flexibility, both from an olfactory standpoint and in terms of use, is a great advantage.
Why is it a good fit with the market?
Its design, technology and portability.
Anything else you’d like to add?
It is first and foremost a decorative item that I envisioned as a “timeless” piece.
Ready to meet Scentys?
What a shared passion for fragrance can produce!


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photos credits : Brice Hardelin – Gaele Pierre

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