Odyscent, for travelling without leaving home

Scentys introduces Odyscent, a diffuser for original fragrances that offers an ultra-simple way to beautify and bring fragrance into your home.

After demonstrating the benefits of its unique and patented capsule-based fragrance diffusion technology in the business world, Scentys decided to share its expertise with consumers.

Odyscent packs the same technical sophistication and is also easy-to-use and safe, with no harmful effects on health or the environment.

Scentys called on Alnoor, a top-notch designer of luxury goods and fragrances, to create Odyscent.

A chic and elegant object with a leather strap, full metal grille and ceramic-looking top and bottom, Odyscent can fit into any room in the house and with any decoration style.

It is designed to be fully portable and can run for 20 hours on a fully charged battery.

A user can easily switch out the fragrance to create a different atmosphere.

The capsules have different fragrances inside (floral, woody, ambery, citrus notes, etc.) and are recyclable and interchangeable. They can set whatever tone the user chooses depending on the season, mood, desire…

The Scentys collection includes 25 unique and delicate fragrances created in cooperation with major design houses.

Presented in a refined box, Odyscent makes the perfect gift for someone else… or yourself!


Madame Figaro

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