Renault Symbioz

Groundbreaking olfactory driving experience with the Renault SYMBIOZ Concept

Climbing into the SYMBIOZ, drivers and passengers should prepare their five senses for brand new sensations.

Renault worked with technical partners, including Scentys, to develop the vehicle’s innovative functions and also to transform the riding experience.

Scentys rose to the challenge by working with the carmaker for one year to co-develop a fragrance diffuser and custom capsules that could be built directly into the passenger compartment.

Drivers of this autonomous, electric, connected car will find three scents on the dashboard that match the driving modes available to them.

The vehicle was designed to be a real living space and an extension of the home (connectivity, virtual reality, smartphone-friendly, etc.).

Homes and vehicles are coming together, and fragrances are along for the ride!

Renault Concept

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