La Place - le temps parfumé

La Place: Art & Perfume in one place

La Place, a temporary concept space for art and fragrance

The La Place concept is the brainchild of Virginie Roux, keynote speaker and creator of the Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger fragrance and cosmetics brand, and Emmanuelle Pierre, an architect and designer with a passion for decorative and contemporary art and an explorer of styles.

They worked together to create this universe for fragrance and design: a perfume gallery with several niche brands, an art gallery showcasing contemporary artists (painters, designers, sculptors and visual artists) and a space for exhibits, thematic conferences, olfactory and multisensory workshops, and more.

Located at 9 rue Française in the second arrondissement of Paris, La Place has adopted Odyscent. Our diffuser was selected because of its looks – the grille resembles a wooden lattice – and its portability. You will find it for sale in the gift shop but also on a wall clock, illustrating the Le Temps Parfumé exhibit.


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