Did you know?

Raw material: Everlastings

Referred to by different names, the “everlasting” plant has been known since ancient times. It is so called because of the exceptionally long life of its flowers.

Everlastings are recognizable by their yellow flowers and silvery leaves. They can be found growing wild in the southern parts of France and especially in Corsica. Fragrance makers rely on extraction with volatile solvents to recover their essence. They can also use the essence of helichrysum, obtained through steam distillation of dried flowers from several species.

Its characteristic fragrance is similar to curry, but scents similar to rose and chamomile emerge next. The everlasting surprises everyone with its multiple facets. It has intoxicating notes, reminiscent of Corsican scrub. Unfortunately, it is not used much in fine fragrances, perhaps precisely because of its strong personality.

It mixes amazingly well with floral, woody and ambery scents, but is also surprisingly able to make a statement with oriental or aromatic notes.


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