Bois de Santal
Did you know?

Raw material: Sandalwood

Sandalwood originally came from Asia, specifically India and Indonesia. The tree grows to about ten meters tall and is only cut after 20 to 25 years, when its fragrance peaks.

This very rare wood is used for religious ceremonies and in building temples, boxes and a variety of objects. Production and exports are tightly controlled by the government.

The essence of sandalwood is obtained through steam distillation after the wood has been cut into chips. This essence has a warm, woody, smoked scent that is waxy and sensual. A 12-year-old tree yields around 1.5 kg of essential oil.

Used in warm and oriental fragrances, sandalwood is found in the following scents in the Scentys fragrance collection:

California Yoya, Canada Spa, Happy Holi, Haussmannien, Lobby Bar

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