Dîner multi-sensoriel pour Martell

Scentys brought fragrance into the Orangerie de Versailles for Martell’s 300th birthday

700 guests, an exceptional venue, a show put on by the Patrouille de France, a multisensory dinner orchestrated by 120 maîtres d’hôtel… everything about this event was truly special! It was organized by the FFK2 agency, which called on Scentys to diffuse different scents to accompany each dish in a menu prepared by chef Paul Pairet. The fragrances themselves were created by Mane.

To meet the specifications defined for this anniversary celebration, Scentys had to adapt its liquid diffusion system since dinner was to be served in the main hall of the Orangerie. Built by Jules Hardouin-Mansart in the late 17th century, the hall is 150 meters long and the ceilings 12 meters high. Installing four Cosy Packs and six blocks designed specifically for the event required 900 meters of cable. Four fragrances were diffused, one after the other: Grass, Sea and Rock, Forest and Citronneraie.

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