Spirit of Serenity

Spirit of Serenity; towards transcendence

Fragrances’ benefits and the will to go further

There is no question that our wellbeing is closely linked to the scents that surround us, and that our daily routines play a role.

Passionate about the power of perfume, Scentys decided to take its expertise and savoir-faire a step further to create fragrances with proven benefits and even more qualities.

It was this shared passion that led Scentys to join forces with Jean-Charles Sommerard, Master Perfumer at Sevessence. The latter is a perfume house that creates 100% natural and organic scents, made in France. It also knows all about essential oils and how they can be added to fragrances to give them an active and beneficial dimension.

A fragrance made with generous materials

This collaboration produced a fragrance named Spirit of Serenity; a floral, warm and vibrant fragrance, made for absolute relaxation. In this fragrance, charismatic ylang-ylang showcases the finest raw materials, including lotus, rose geranium, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla. This is an ideal way to create a feeling of comfort and total relaxation.

The viewpoint of Jean-Charles Sommerard

Ylang-ylang essential oil is known for its relaxing effects. By its very nature, it helps reduce stress and nervousness. Sandalwood essential oil improves the mood, lessens mental stress, and helps you let go.

In these unusual times, relaxation is more important than ever. The Scentys and Sevessence teams hope this fragrance will do its part to add a little more wellbeing to your daily life.

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