Thermor by Scentys


Thermor by Scentys, revolutionizing wellbeing in the home

Thermor and Scentys have teamed up to revolutionize our everyday lives with a system that combines thermal comfort and olfactory pleasure. Thermor’s new Equateur 4 heaters and Allure Virtuose heated towel racks come with an optional Scentys diffuser that operates with Scentys fragrance capsules to fill every room of the home with original fragrances.

A co-creation that makes perfect sense

This co-creation for Equateur 4 brings together two companies with the same values when it comes to innovation, cutting-edge technologies, a taste for challenge, and pride in French savoir-faire.

Overcoming technical challenges

Teams from Thermor and Scentys worked together to develop this diffusion system using a capsule-based technology, making sure it could operate properly in proximity to the heater and in a humid environment like a bathroom without compromising on quality.

A new way to look at what heaters can do

This novel heater is compact and designed to fit with any style or interior decor. It connects intuitively via a rotating USB connector and has three programs with adjustable diffusion duration and intensity settings. In sum, it is a new kind of heater, one that can create emotional experiences and a real sense of wellbeing.

“Precursor” is definitely the word that best describes the product of our partnership with Thermor.

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