Scentys expertise

Scentys was created in 2004 by David Suissa, an engineer with a passion for technology and perfume. Scentys invented a new way to package and handle fragrances: It subtly infused small beads with pure fragrance concentrate and placed inside capsules.
Scentys owns this unique and patented technology, developed and manufactured in France by its in-house Research and Development team to ensure consistent and perfectly safe diffusion.

This unique fragrance diffusion system makes it possible to enjoy perfumes with no residual traces, alcohol or solvents. Users decide when to diffuse a fragrance, knowing that it will be exactly the same every time thanks to dry diffusion.

Scentys helps the biggest brands create immersive, sensorial experiences with patented innovations that make it possible to use fragrances in new ways.

The new ways to enjoy fragrances developed over nearly ten years create innovative alternatives to traditional fragrance diffusion methods.

Scentys designs, develops and manufactures its technological solutions.

Our technical experts guarantee top-quality fragrance diffusion and ensure that our systems are reliable and adaptable to clients’ individual needs.
For complex projects, a team of Scentys engineers works to optimize olfactory quality (by managing flows of fragrant air, positioning diffusers, etc.) and provides advice on making diffusers blend into their environment.