Scentys’s Technology

La technologie Scentys



Scentys’s technology is a healthy and safe way to reproduce fragrances faithfully in any type of location.

  • Our diffusers are the product of 15 years of experience and research and development investment.
  • All our fragrances comply with the strictest EU regulations.

We use our dry diffusion or micro-nebulization technology depending on your needs.

Scentys Capsule



Dry diffusion technology is used to create scented atmospheres in spaces up to 35m2.

It relies on Scentys’s patented fragrance capsule technology, which makes it possible to experience scents in a totally new, healthy and safe way.

  • With dry diffusion, fragrances are released into the air with no heat source and no other particles emitted.
  • Fragrance concentrates are pure, with no alcohol or solvents.
  • The diffusion process leaves no traces so capsules can be switched out without fragrances blending together.

Learn more about our home diffusers that use dry technology: Odyscent, Capsy and Prysm.

For professional products, please contact us.

Scentys diffuser



Our micro-nebulization technology turns a liquid fragrance into an extremely fine mist.

Scentys uses it to create high-quality immersive sensory experiences, even in large areas.

  • Fragrances – whether from our customers or our collection – are faithfully reproduced.
  • Diffusion is as even as possible.
  • The process is clean, with no droplets.

Click here to discover our professional solutions that use micro-nebulization technology.