Who we are

L'alliance de la technologie et du parfum

Bringing fragrance and technology together


Scentys was founded in 2004 by David Suissa, an engineer with a passion for technology and perfume. He wanted to produce a multisensory work of art, to combine the emotions associated with fragrances and the science behind technology.

With a patented technology for putting fragrance into capsules, Scentys has been developing new ways to use fragrancesoffering a combination of high-quality diffusion and safety of use, and ingenious alternatives to conventional diffusion methods.

With its passion for all things fragrance, Scentys teamed up with perfumers to develop a collection of 25 exclusive scents around five themes: Nature Vive (Vibrant Nature), Voyages Immobiles (Immobile Journeys), Home Sweet Home, Temps Suspendus (Time Stands Still) and Jeunes Créateurs (Young Designers).

L'expérience olfactive

The olfactory experience


What we smell impacts our mood, behaviors and emotions. Scents carry us through time and bring back old memories.

Whether a fragrance is being subtly diffused into a shop or used to totally immerse participants in a virtual reality simulation, the goal is the same: help people (re)discover the full power and benefits of the sense of smell.

With the olfactory experience at the heart of the multisensorial experience, we offer our partners a way to improve their collaborators’ and customers’ well-being. Our mission : offer solutions for fragrance diffusion at any place, under any circumstances.

Our three pillars


Diffusion quality to guarante that every fragrance is faithfully reproduced every time.

Technical expertise when it comes to selecting fragrance diffusers for professional or home use, the best technologies for diffusing a fragrance into any size or type of location, and custom solutions.

Safety of use guaranteed by our solutions of diffusion and fragrances that comply with all national and international regulations in effect.

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