Our commitments

In 2020, for the second year in a row, EcoVadis awarded Scentys a silver medal for its CSR performance. Corporate and Social Responsibility is an evolving process. We are proud of the progress made so far and aware of the work that remains to be done.

Sécurité d'utilisation

Safety of use


Scentys solutions are a healthy and safe alternative for diffusing fragrances into any environment. The three keys are: proprietary diffusion technologies, fragrances that comply with the main regulations including REACH and IFRA, and the calculation of a specific exposure rate for each installation.

Des capsules éco-conçues et recyclables

Eco-friendly & recyclable capsules


Since a lifecycle assessment was conducted on our products in 2012, we have taken action in four key areas to make our capsules eco-friendly: changes in the material used (30% is from fiberglass), halving of volume of materials used, relocation of production to the Paris region, and increase in the capsule lifespan to 50 hours.

Thanks to changes made to our design method and to the work of our partners, the materials used in Scentys capsules today are 100% recyclable.

Made in France

Made in France


Scentys capsules are made in France, in our factory near Paris. Our diffusers are designed and assembled in France. We cannot manage the entire diffuser production process locally since some parts cannot be found on the French market.

The decision to make our products in France not only supports our commitment to furthering local economies and sustainable development, it also gives us better control over quality and allows us to be more responsive. Our local and regional partners are invaluable allies in these efforts.