Valeurs Scentys

Our values

Scentys is an ethical, honest and responsible company.

For this reason, it only cooperates with firms that also insist on guaranteeing safety of use, quality fragrances, and the protection of the environment and those who breathe the fragrances diffused by its systems.

– Innovation : Innovation is today more than ever a top priority for Scentys.
By keeping a close eye on new developments in the fragrance industry and new types of uses, and continuing to listen to its clients, Scentys is creating products that open new horizons.
Synergies between Scentys’ different departments have allowed it to create innovation momentum within the world of fragrances and technology.

– Creating a mainstream market : In bringing fragrances into the mainstream and encouraging creativity, Scentys’ aim is to diffuse fragrance into the air safely so that people can enjoy it wherever they are.
A scent can come to be instinctively associated with any aspect of life: it can mean conviviality in an entryway and sharing in a living room; fragrances can welcome people to a store create intimacy in a bedroom and help people focus in an office.
Scentys makes it possible for fragrances to become synonymous with an art de vivre of sensorial and immersive experiences.

– Passion for fragrance and technology : passion has been the main driving force behind Scentys’ work on fragrance creation and diffusion over the past decade.
The company is passionate about the good fragrances do people, about the creative process they involve, and about opportunities to constantly push back the limits of technology and immersive experiences.