Brands that trust us

Scentys’ savoir-faire and innovative drive make it the partner of choice for fragrance diffusion and exceptional events. In 2016, Scentys is expanding its portfolio of partnerships in the automobile and aerospace industries and providing further proof that the biggest names trust us.




Symbioz Demo car, an autonomous, electric and connected car, packs an incredible amount of technology.
Designed to be a bona fide living room on wheels, Symbioz Demo Car enhances the driving experience by adding fragrance in addition to sound and light.
Renault worked with Scentys to develop a fragrance diffuser and custom capsules that could be built into the passenger compartment.
Three fragrances, all designed by perfumer Antoine Lie, match up with driving modes (classic, dynamic or autonomous) to provide stimulation, warmth or energy.


Costa Coffee


Costa wanted to capitalize on Scentys’ fragrance savoir-faire and technical expertise to add an olfactory dimension to its new ‘Marlow’ vending machine, to be installed in public places. With this machine, a specific fragrance is automatically diffused when an order is placed, recreating the atmosphere of a London coffee shop and stimulating all five senses.


Diptyque Paris


Scentys designed, standardized and manufactured the ‘Un air de diptyque’ diffuser and the ten fragrance capsules that go with it for the mass market. Diptyque and Scentys worked together to prepare the launch in October 2013 of the first dry fragrance diffuser using Scentys diffusion technology.




The emblematic showcase for Citroën’s new DS line, and a venue for experiences and emotions, DS World Paris incorporates the very best of French luxury. Scentys was asked to create a fragrance for this showroom at 33 rue François 1er, in Paris’s 8th arrondissement. For continuity’s sake, the brand wanted to have the same fragrance at its stand at the Paris Motor Show 2014, which was possible thanks to Scentys’ patented liquid diffusion technology. Visitors were thus immersed in an olfactory atmosphere that had all the notes of the signature scent.




Hammerson asked Scentys to handle the olfactory design for this exceptional place, its largest shopping center to date. Scentys created four fragrances that call to mind faraway places and are subtly present in the center thanks to automatic diffusion technology fully integrated into the architecture. All in all, thousands of visitors enjoy more than 3,000 sq. meters of fragrant space every day.


Grand Musée du Parfum


Grand Musée du Parfum opened its doors in December 2016 with a mission of making people more aware of their sense of smell, too often overlooked, and letting them in on the secrets of fragrances.
To help make it an iconic place, Scentys is acting as the Museum’s fragrance diffusion expert, creating a unique olfactory tour that is fun and immersive.
Scentys technology makes a range of multisensory experiences possible.




On 20 and 21 May 2015, 700 people were invited to the Orangerie de Versailles to celebrate the 300th birthday of cognac house Martell, with Diane Kruger acting as the brand’s ambassador. Guests were treated to a multisensory dinner planned by chef Paul Pairet with air fragrances supplied by an exclusive Scentys technology. Four Pack Cosy diffusers and six blocks designed specifically for the event required 900 meters of cabling to diffuse four sequences of fragrance: Grass, Sea & Rock, Forest and Citrus Grove.




Peugeot unveiled its new 3008 and 5008 SUVs at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.
Climbing into these vehicles is like entering a different world – one that is surprising, unique and all about quality. With a comfortable cabin that can be personalized and many other features, the driving experience is made even more special by scented ambiences.
Scentys has developed three exclusive fragrances drivers can choose from to create unique olfactory sensations:
Cosmic Cuir: A vibrant and sensorial fragrance, the brand’s true signature scent
Aerodrive: Full of life and energy (boost ambience)
Harmony Wood: Authentic and relaxing (calm ambience)
Totally customizable, these two ambiences are a way to transcend the pleasure of the driver and passengers and create a truly unique and unforgettable riding experience.




Scentys used seven kinds of wood to create a signature scent for Hôtel Marignan Champs-Élysées, located at 12 rue de Marignan in the 8th arrondissement of Paris.
Four of the hotel’s qualities – luxury, confidentiality, authenticity and modernity – are embodied in Laque Ébène, a custom fragrance that underscores the elegant artistic design of this five-star establishment.


Tag Heuer


Scentys created a signature scent for Tag Heuer in cooperation with Givaudan, blending cooler notes like white grapefruit and ginger with warmer scents such as vetiver and patchouli. The fragrance thus captures all facets of the brand: innovation, prestige, passion, precision and design.




Ultraviolet is a unique place where every meal is a multisensory experience. When each dish is served, interactive Scentys boxes built into the architecture and remotely controlled release a specific fragrance. As we know, smells improve taste perception and memorization ability. In this case the fragrances, along with video and sound projections, turn the meal into an experience for all the senses.




Scentys brought its diffusion technology to the Aéroville shopping center to offer visitors an unforgettable shopping experience. Five olfactory ambiances, inspired by the five continents, are created throughout the 4,000 sq. meter center to give shoppers a sense of adventure and wellbeing.


Une heure pour soi


UNE HEURE POUR SOI, a new beauty institute/perfumery concept, asked Scentys to find a way to immerse its customers in the olfactory universe of big-name fragrances as soon as they walk in the door. With Scentys’s solid fragrance diffusion system built into the façade, customers can diffuse the fragrance of the day with just the touch of a button – a totally innovative system.


Vacheron Constantin


The oldest manufacturer of fine watches, Switzerland’s Vacheron Constantin called on Scentys to create a special signature scent for its store network. Blends of woody, spicy, leathery and floral notes tell the story of the brand’s tradition, creativity, technical expertise and excellence.