Expert Services

Restitution parfaite des fragrances

Faithfull reproduction of fragrances


Scentys can help create scented atmospheres using a fragrance provided by the partner brand, a signature scent that is custom made or from another project, or a scent from the Scentys Collection.

Having worked with makers of fine fragrances since 2004, Scentys specializes in reproducing scents. Our technologies and the tests conducted by our fragrance department guarantee faithful reproduction and quality diffusion.

The Scentys Collection is made up of exclusive fragrances developed in collaboration with the leading perfume houses. We team up with those same houses when creating custom fragrances.

Conception diffuseurs et capsules

Design of diffusers and capsules


Scentys designs, develops and manufactures its own fragrance diffusers and capsules.

With proprietary technologies and in-house technical and fragrance expertise, Scentys also works with clients that have projects involving custom diffusers for use in vehicles or in the home.

Scentys can take the designs and fragrance concentrates of its partner brands to put their products into production, from design all the way through to manufacturing.

Mise en œuvre d'expériences olfactives inédites

Creating unique olfactory experiences


Since it was founded, Scentys has been developing new uses for fragrances and innovative alternatives to traditional diffusion methods.

Each fragrance diffusion solution is adapted to the venue, the medium and the desired experience. We offer a variety of options: fragrance strips, integration into furniture or a point of sale, push button or motion sensor for contact-free diffusion, synchronization of diffusion with a video, olfactory booth, outdoor diffusion, etc.

New gestures, unique events, interactive experiences… Scentys is always participating in projects that are innovative and interactive, constantly reinventing the olfactory and sensory experience.

Conduite de projet

Project Management


Scentys teams accompany clients in every phase of their projects to:

    • Translate user or market demands into technical specifications
    • Propose the best-adapted diffusion technology
    • Support R&D and industrialization
    • Guarantee optimal fragrance diffusion
    • Prepare technical and regulatory documents to ensure that all user safety requirements are met
    • Facilitate the international rollout of projects

Thanks to the flexible and agile methodology Scentys has developed, clients know that their expectations will be met in terms of deadlines, costs and quality.