Scentys partners with the following firms to integrate its solutions

- Dalcans, Design & Emotional Technologies

- Digital Design Systems

Our partners in scientific research, innovation and fragrances

Scentys works closely with scientific research organizations, notably INRA-CGSA, to explore the impact perfume has on eating behavior and to research olfaction and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The ISIPCA relies on Scenty’s technical and fragrance experts for its research program on fragrance diffusion.

For almost three years now, Scentys has been working with Eléonore de Bonneval on her exhibit on anosmia, ‘The Sentimental Sense’.

A member of the Richelieu Committee, Scentys participates in events and discussions relating to innovation and growth companies in France.

Scentys is a member of The Cosmetic Valley and The Fragrance Foundation France, which aim to encourage industry firms to work more closely and pool their respective expertise in development projects that can result in new applications for fragrances.