Oxygenating and enveloping

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bottle 0,5L

The journey starts with fresh and sparkling notes, passes through a floral, lavender middle, and comes full circle with Tonka bean blended with ambrette and musk. A delicate bowl of oxygen.

A selection of essential oils known for their purifying benefits 

Eucalyptus is indispensable essential oil to immediately open up the respiratory system and free up the mind. Eucalyptus essential oil is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to support the immune system in all seasons. Lemon essential oil purifies and also acts as a tonic, boosting the immune system. Known for its calming properties, lavender is full of antiseptic and healing active ingredients.

Bottle for Wall-fit diffuser
Average bottle lifespan of 6 weeks

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Olfactory notes

Top:Eucalyptus essential oil, mint leaf, lemon essential oil
Heart:Fresh mint, jasmine, lavender essential oil
Base:Musk, tonka bean, ambrette
bottle 0,5L