Scentys: Olfactory senses are key to sensory experiences

SCENTYS was founded in 2004, born from a desire to create a bridge between the emotions associated with perfume and the precision required by technology. Our tech SME has been blazing trails in its field in France and abroad ever since. Day after day, Scentys develops new ways to make olfactory experiences a strategic asset for brands and companies, helping players from a wide range of sectors grow their business.


Our top-tier technologies make it possible to perfectly capture the excellence of French perfumery. By focusing on the quality of diffusion and the creation of emotions, our ultra-premium approach allows us to meet the expectations of the most exacting perfume houses and brands.

With a staff of 36 at two sites in France and an office in New York, we work to meet the needs of the most demanding brands and designers, leveraging our cutting-edge technologies to develop new uses for fragrances.

For every project, Scentys guarantees customized support, premium quality diffusion with the finest possible scent reproduction, and maximum safety during use.


“Our aim is to be the benchmark for fragrance diffusion, creating new olfactory emotions in every possible configuration. Harness the full potential of olfactory experiences, neuro-fragrances both, in France and internationally, while meeting the highest quality, health, safety and environmental sustainability standards.”

Pierre Loustric, President of Scentys.


We are passionate about technology and fragrance, because we are convinced of their contribution to people’s sense of well-being. Our aim is to develop the most advanced technology, so that your brand universe can be expressed in a unique and highly personal olfactory experience that people will remember. All our multi-disciplinary skills will be dedicated to the success of your projects.


The sense of smell creates a universe of experience, taking people back to past times, enveloping them in a feeling of well-being, and establishing itself in the memory.
The feelings of pleasure and surprise created by a fragrance are wonderful ways of communicating with your consumers or clients. We will do everything we can to help you (re)discover its evocative power.


Our commitment is fueled by a profound respect for the health and safety of those using our fragrance delivery solutions. In all our collaborations with clients, our focus is on achieving excellence in fragrance reproduction, whatever the location and the requirements of the brand universe. Continuous innovation is the driving force in our daily work, as we strive to meet the fragrance needs of the future.


Founded in 2004, Scentys is a French company specializing in the diffusion of fragrances. It provides daily support to leading international brands in the luxury, automotive and fine perfumery sectors.

To date, 9 international patents have been filed in Europe, the United States, China and Japan. In 2021, we demonstrated our desire for international expansion by creating our first subsidiary in New York, Scentys Inc., enabling us to provide the closest possible support for our customers in North America.