A partner of fine perfumery brands since 2004, Scentys gives you the opportunity to offer your customers a unique olfactory experience.

Using your own fragrances, scents from our collection, or aromas developed exclusively for you by leading perfume creation houses, we guarantee their faithful reproduction and high-quality diffusion. Our solutions, coupled with the tests carried out by our experts, ensure that we deliver on that commitment in full.

“Scentys’ mission is to ensure that scents are reproduced in the best possible way by our technology, in terms of olfactory notes and fragrance strength.”

Maxime Philippe – Bonelli, Creative Fragrance Director

Fragrance, in complete safety

Our diffusers provide you with a safe and healthy solution for adding fragrance to a location or an event.
Whatever the diffusion area, Scentys technology combines excellent fragrance reproduction with health and safety features.

Compliance with regulations

We are committed to respecting the strictest European regulations (REACH, IFRA) and delivering solutions of the highest quality (ISO 9001). To guarantee personal safety, the exposure rate of every scent device is carefully calculated. Scentys also certifies that its solutions comply with the most demanding standards.

Environmental commitment at the heart of innovation

Scentys takes an active approach to CSR matters, as we believe that innovation cannot be achieved without a genuine commitment to the environment.

Since a study was carried out on the life cycle analysis of our products, three major action plans have been deployed for the production of eco-designed capsules. These involved changing the raw material being used (30% is now glass fiber), halving the volume of material required, and increasing the life span to 50 hours for each capsule.

By doing so, we have achieved a 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Today, we can offer you capsules made of recycled plastics (PIR or PCR) and we are carrying out extensive research into the use of biomaterials.

Sorting, our responsibility

Our packaging, bottles and the plastic used in our capsules are recyclable.

When the separation of component parts is either complex or impossible, our waste is taken to partner incineration centers. This is the case for our perfume beads, with 74.62% of their components being converted into electrical energy or heat.

In 2022, for the fourth consecutive year, Scentys was awarded the ECOVADIS silver medal for its environmental, social and ethical responsibility.

Made in France, a sustainable choice

Environmental commitment only makes sense if it is part of a local approach. Which is why our eco-designed capsules are 100% Made in France at our plant in Saint-Ouen l’Aumône.

We carefully select our suppliers in France in order to limit our carbon footprint as far as possible,
building trusting relationships with our partners over many years. Working at a local level with our suppliers also enables us to guarantee a fast response to customer requirements.