Olfactory marketing in restaurants

Awakening the senses means awakening the appetite

The restaurant industry has always been very competitive. Success depends not only on the talent of the chefs, but also on how the establishment is decorated, the menu choices offered, how meals are presented, and the quality of the service. Discover how Scentys, a major player in olfactory marketing, can help restaurants and eateries create an atmosphere that feels serene, clean and welcoming.

The impact of scents on perceived service quality

Going out to enjoy a meal in a space that feels agreeable is beneficial to customers in every way.
Restaurants, brasseries and cafés equipped with room fragrance diffusers reap all the advantages of olfactory marketing:

  • Increased customer traffic
  • Additional orders placed
  • Higher customer satisfaction and better online reviews

Where should scent diffusers be placed for optimal results?

Once diners are seated, the smell of food should be the main attraction. This is why Scentys does not place diffusers in the main eating areas. Rather, signature scents are diffused where they can have the most impact on diners’ perception of the establishment: near the front door and in the restrooms. With just a few notes, a signature scent diffused near the entrance can let diners know they are entering a well-kept eatery that pays attention to every detail. The pleasant experience thus begins before they are seated. Diffusion of a room fragrance, including in the restrooms, increases diners’ comfort and positive perception of the establishment, making them likelier to see it as a premium dining destination and to leave positive reviews online.

Room fragrances can also help ensure the absence of unpleasant doors. Some active fragrances can capture disagreeable smells from the kitchen and create a generally more comfortable atmosphere, which encourages diners to stay longer.

A place for dining, a scent

For nearly 20 years now, Scentys has been working with restaurateurs to help them create their signature scent and diffuse room fragrances that fit perfectly with their image and dining space.


Japanese restaurant Matsuri, located rue du Bac in Paris, celebrated its reopening with an elegant blend of green, calming and refreshing notes.

The restaurant chose the Vert Bastide fragrance to greet diners at the entrance in style, without stealing the show from the aromas of its dishes.