Olfactory marketing in the health and wellness space

What if smells could improve the quality of care?

Olfactory marketing promotes a sense of wellbeing and serenity in spas, institutes and facilities offering therapeutic treatments. In places where people are taking care of others, and themselves, room fragrances selected for their calming and relaxing properties add an extra layer of wellbeing.

The diffusion of fragrances with active ingredients produces measurable results in reception areas and health and wellbeing establishments:

  • Clients are visibly more relaxed and say they feel a sense of wellbeing
  • Higher overall satisfaction
  • Premium positioning of location and service

Create a soothing ambiance for a better client experience

Gentle fragrances are sometimes described as “sensory baths.” Diffusing scents with reassuring effects helps clients feel welcome and at home the moment they walk in the door.
Many spas, beauty institutes, and health and thalassotherapy centers create custom olfactory atmospheres that invite clients to step into a bubble of wellbeing and let themselves be guided gradually toward a state of relaxation. Oftentimes soft music is diffused with the scents to help clients naturally relax before treatments even begin. They add to clients’ emotional comfort and the full availability of masseurs, estheticians and care providers.

The influence of fragrances on the human psyche

Olfactory memory is what shapes our reactions to many smells and fragrances. Certain scents have the power to move us, and to reassure us. Others, such as the smell of disinfectants, can evoke unpleasant situations of the past, leaving patients feeling stressed. Clinics, care centers and hospitals have fully understood how scents influence our state of mind. That is why they diffuse subtle and agreeable fragrances, for instance with notes of citrus (bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit…) or aromatics (lavender, basil, eucalyptus…) in waiting rooms and treatment and relaxation areas. These scents create an environment that is calming, where minds can relax and people can get into the best possible frame of mind before starting their medical visit.

They use olfactory marketing to enhance the wellbeing of clients

A unique sensory experience in Zoï’s new medical checkup center

The Zoï preventative care center that opened in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris last November offers a physical and digital experience unlike anything found in a traditional medical setting. Via a protocol that gathers a very large quantity of data for each client, the center takes a new approach to predictive medicine to give members a better understanding of their bodies and a custom plan of action designed to help them live better and for longer.
From the moment they step inside, clients are treated to a unique sensory experience in a futuristic décor that leaves nothing to chance. Every detail is crafted to ensure that the perception of the checkup process is positive. To this end, Zoī uses Scentys technology to diffuse a scent specially created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena throughout the facility.


A few kilometers from Luxembourg, nestled in Montenach, the ‘Village of Seven Hills’, in the Moselle department, sits the five-star hotel and spa Domaine de la Klauss. This imposing stone building offers visitors a bona fide oasis of peace and serenity.

“Domaine de la Klauss transports you into a world of timelessness and wellbeing.” Mathilde & Alexandre Keff – Maîtres de Maison

The fragrant lobby is an excellent introduction to this delightful world. Naturally, Le Domaine selected the elegant Haussmannien fragrance from the Scentys collection, with its notes of cedar, beeswax and spices. The scent is diffused subtly into the lobby using a Stèle diffuser.