Choosing a home fragrance requires as much care as selecting a perfume to wear, which is why Scentys works with the most prestigious fine fragrance makers. These exchanges have allowed us to select a range of the most creative fragrances, the kind that can create emotions. The collection is divided into five themes and 25 stories that can be “read” to allow unique sensorial experiences.

Scentys inventing sensorial experiences

Bringing high tech and the quality of fine fragrances together, Scentys comes up with innovative solutions that all can use to create fragrant atmospheres.

People today like to customize and add their signature and personal touch to everything they touch and everywhere they spend time. So why not do the same with the air around us (bedrooms, living rooms, offices, lobbies, stores, conference rooms, spas, etc.)?

An expert in room fragrances, Scentys has been developing two complementary activities over the past decade: dry diffusion technologies for indoor and outdoor use and the creation of subtle and exclusive fragrances for a variety of locations.

Scentys now has a collection of 25 fragrances designed for it by the most prestigious perfume houses. They can call to mind travel, emotions, and shared adventure.

With Scentys’s expertise, it is possible to experience perfume in a different way, through experiences that are immersive and unprecedented.