Designing fragrance diffusers

Designing fragrance diffusers for professionals: Tailor-made support from Scentys

Offer your customers an alternative to traditional diffusers! Specialized in creating fragrance diffusers for brands, Scentys designs, develops, and manufactures fragrance diffusers and capsules for professionals who really want to stand out from the crowd.

From designing to manufacturing your diffuser: Customized project support

Would you like to offer your customers an alternative to scented candles or reeds? Want to expand your range of fragrance diffusers? Develop a diffuser for use in cars? Create a set of home fragrances with an electric diffuser? Scentys can provide you with an original, high-quality alternative to conventional diffusion solutions, thanks to its patented dry diffusion technology, which is proven to be healthy and safe. Let’s take your fragrance and co-develop a diffuser together!

How does Scentys design and produce customized fragrance capsules and diffusers? Our team of experts will guide you through the design and production phases of your diffuser, based on your specifications. Their in-depth knowledge of the world of perfume and their technological expertise are your guarantee of safe, high-quality fragrances! Prototyping, regulatory certification, toxicology… our experts will take care of everything! Depending on your needs, we can support you right through to the industrialization and production of your diffuser. What’s more, by manufacturing our prototypes in-house using our Fab Lab, we can considerably reduce design times!

Scentys diffusion technology is built into the diffuser, so it’s invisible. This approach allows you to customize your fragrance dispenser to suit your needs and branding.

Scentys technology at your service

With Scentys, you’re guaranteed a faithful reproduction of your chosen fragrance, thanks to our patented dry diffusion technology, which is both safe and healthy. Our watchword is ‘customized’. Whether in terms of support, product design, or the space where the fragrance will be deployed, we will meet your needs and the specific characteristics of your brand. Choose a French solution, based on proven technical expertise, for exceptional performance.

Scentys combines innovation and emotion. Since 2023, we have been producing Made-in-France capsules that are bio-sourced, 100% natural, and recyclable to limit our environmental impact.

Set yourself apart from the rest by offering your customers a unique diffusion experience for the home or car.


Find out about our projects

Here are two co-development projects that we have worked on.

Jo Malone: A car fragrance diffuser for immersive experiences

This innovation is the result of a meeting between the Scentys teams and Jo Malone London.
The aim was to develop a quality product for car interiors that is easy to use and perfectly reproduces Jo Malone London fragrances. The Jo Malone car diffuser was created from Scentys’ diffusion technology. Scentys designed and industrialized the Jo Malone diffuser and its capsules for the public. Three fragrances are currently available: Wood Sage and Sea Salt, Peony & Blush Suede, and Lime Basil & Mandarin.

Serge Lutens: A perfect balance between optimal diffusion technology and a minimalist diffuser

Serge Lutens is offering a new way to live well with the launch of its home fragrance collection. Five olfactory journeys are waiting to be discovered, using three types of media: liquid perfume, incense sticks and an electric diffuser. Designed by Serge Lutens, the diffuser’s development and production were entrusted to Scentys to meet the various challenges of diffusion quality and airborne fragrance reproduction, without compromising on the product’s esthetics. The result is a diffuser with a unique esthetic, designed for escape.