Olfactory marketing in stores is a component of sensory marketing. It targets customers’ sense of smell to enhance their in-store experience, the goal being to encourage purchases and improve overall brand image perception.

Some shops stand out thanks to the atmosphere they create, the welcome they offer, and the customer pathway they design. Olfactory marketing can be part of a broader strategy to influence customer behavior in stores thanks to scents and the emotions they create. When pleasant fragrances float in the air, without being overpowering, they leave a sense of wellbeing in their wake.

Explore how Scentys uses the subtle but undeniable power of fragrant compositions to enhance the in-store purchasing experience and build customer loyalty thanks to olfactory marketing.


“Olfactory memory” refers to the process by which the memory captures not only a scent but also the surroundings and related emotions. As a result, it stores memories that are often more emotionally charged than those generated by the other senses.

A growing number of brands are using olfactory marketing as a powerful tool to deliver unique customer experiences, ones that create a lasting impression and leave customers with positive memories of the brand and its identity.

Diffusing a signature scent in a shop is a way for brands to accurately convey their universe and positioning in just a few seconds, and to mark customers’ memories indelibly with just a few notes.

It can also make an impression at the door to a shop. Similarly to how the senses of those walking by a bakery are awakened every time a hot oven is opened, increasing their desire to come in and buy a pastry, a store can use fragrances to make passersby take notice and want to come inside to explore the brand’s universe and products.


  • Have a fragrance associated with a brand’s olfactory identity
  • Designing an olfactory atmosphere consistent with the customer pathway is all about making people want to spend more time browsing in the store.
  • The important thing is to diffuse a scent that fits with the brand’s universe and product type: woody notes for a brand associated with nature, fresh and clean notes in an aisle with cleaning products, coppery fragrances for an artisanal brand, discreet hints of lavender near the bedding section, leather scents in a high-end shoe store…
  • Build loyalty by presenting a composition that is consistent with customers’ expectations and the image they have of your store banner.


For close to 20 years now, Scentys has been working with the biggest names in retail to develop signature scents that create a unique sensory experience for each point of sale.

Olfactory immersion to create a richer in-store experience

In March 2023, Coty opened its first Lancaster boutique in one of China’s most prestigious malls, Nanjing Deji Plaza.

The company wanted to use Scentys technology to add an olfactory dimension to a store concept that treats visitors to a unique experience around Lancaster’s expertise.

Customers can enjoy scents associated with the brand’s iconic skincare products while in the treatment rooms.

Like a fragrant landscape

Certain Vilebrequin stores are celebrating their reopening with a scent that has notes of freedom. The Vilebrequin signature scent, created by Jean-Claude Ellena, greets visitors at the door with a fragrance reminiscent of vacations spent on sun-filled beaches, an important theme for the brand. Passers-by will definitely be stopping in to check out the new collection!


A four-star mall for those shopping trips when the only thing you need is to be good to yourself.

  • 4,000 m2 of scent-filled space
  • 5 hubs
  • 5 continents
  • 5 fragrances from the Scentys collection